Why help Bangladesh Orphanage Appeal (BOA)?

Bangladesh has a great number of poor and destitute people. Because of this, many children are abandoned on the streets and left to fend for themselves.

These children are as young as 3. Every day they survive by begging and stealing what they can in order to stay alive.

Sadly the numbers are growing. BOA has been established not only to house the children but also educated and look after their entire welfare.

Our charity wants to build second generation self-funding Orphanages. Our initial funding needs are to build a housing unit for 60 children, an education centre, medical unit, a water cleaning system, and housing for the staff and visitors.

The water cleaning system will provide the Orphanage with fresh, clean water. We will also sell bottled water to towns and cities to generate money for the Orphanage. The medical unit will be available to the local community.